Was this year the year that you finally bought a piece of hunting property? If so, we can imagine that you can’t wait to go out on your first hunt of the season. While opening day is still quite a long way away, there are still plenty of things you can do this summer to maintain your new hunting property and get it prepped and ready for fall.

Create a Water Source

One of the most important things you’ll need to have on your hunting property is a water source. You can create your own water source by digging a watering hole or place a Wild Water® Trough on your property. Our Wild Water® 100 3’ and 7’ Troughs each hold 100 gallons of water and our Wild Water® 300 holds 300 gallons. The float valve system is designed so that the tank only fills the trough until it’s full. Once it senses the troughs are full it shuts off, avoiding any overflow, and it won’t open again until more water is needed. The reserve water is kept fresh in the closed and concealed tank, which helps keep the water from getting stagnant.

Create a Food Source

You’ll also need to provide the deer herd with a food source. It’s not too late to start feeding the deer herd now. You can plant a natural food plot, position our Feedbank Gravity Feeders around your property, or both. If you’re going to plant a food plot, you should consider planting soon so that your crop has time to mature by fall. Placing feeders around your property will help direct deer to where you want them to go. Position a feeder near the water source to provide deer with a two-for-one deal. Deer don’t like a lot of travel time between their food source and water source, so having both on the same property will surely get their attention.

Place Your Stump Blind

This is also the perfect time to set up your Stump blind. If you’ve just bought your property and haven’t hunted on it yet, it’s a clean slate. You won’t have to worry about adjusting your hunting spot according to last year’s hunting pressure, because there is none. Make note of the trees that will produce browse for the deer and set up close to those. As always, scout for any signs of deer. Clear a shooting lane if necessary. Make sure your blind is close enough to your food and water sources that you can get in on the action, but not too close to potential bedding areas. Identify trees and bushes with thick, dense cover. Those will likely become the deer herd’s bedding area, so you’ll want to leave that open. Position the blind between the sources and the bedding area. You don’t want to be right on top of either of them, which would sound the alarm bells.  The round design of our blinds, like the Sump 3 ‘Vision Series’, paired with the natural color allow our blinds to blend into the landscape seamlessly. You should be able to tuck your blind into any clearing without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Three important things you should do on your hunting property as soon as you can are: create a water source, create a food source, and set up your blind. Setting up these areas will allow the deer to get used your property before hunting season and turn your new hunting area into the place to be. Then when fall comes around, you can enter your Stump blind and enjoy the season.

What lessons have you learned through the experience of maintaining your hunting property? Let us know in the comments below!

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