Hunting is a pastime that is passed down from generation to generation. Whether you were taught by a family member or a friend, they likely shared their hunting traditions with you.

Traditions make us feel closer to the ones we share the tradition with. It’s something tangible that we can look back on to remember holidays and important events. It reminds us of the generations that came before us and provides a connection to why we hunt.

Types of Traditions

Some hunters go hunting on the same day or days every year. For many, it coincides with Thanksgiving or other holidays. They usually follow a specific hunting schedule, as everyone wants to get to their blind before first light.

Sometimes the tradition is associated with a deer camp and going to a specific location to hunt. When you hunt with the same group of people every year, you’ll eventually gather memories and make new traditions. The traditions are made even better when it’s somewhere your family has been going for a long time. These traditions can bring you closer to your friends and your family at the same time.

Some hunters have traditions about how to celebrate the first harvest of the season. You can cook the venison using a specific recipe that’s been handed down through the generations. You’ll get to participate in a tradition not just when you’re on the hunt, but after the hunt as well. Every time you make that recipe, you’ll remember your previous hunts and reminisce on the experience.

Make Stump Blinds Part of the Tradition

Include our Stump blinds as part of your tradition and ensure that your all-day hunt is as comfortable as possible. Even if you’re hunting for an entire week, they’ll be comfortable day after day. No matter the weather or what the temperature is outside, the insulation of the Stump blinds will regulate the temperature inside the blind to keep you warm as the weather turns colder.

Our Stump blinds like the Stump 4 ‘Vision Series’ are also big enough for you and a family member to hunt comfortably back to back or side by side. You can start your own tradition with your family and hunt from your Stump blind every year. You can each hunt from a different window of the blind while still having plenty of room to draw back your bow and line up your shot.

The sound-deadening insulation will also give you the freedom to talk without fear of scaring of the deer. You can spend quality time with a loved one, sharing your passion for hunting and having meaningful conversations that will strengthen your bond even further. The major appeal of hunting traditions is sharing it with someone else. It’s comforting to know that someone else shares your passion and will celebrate it with you every year. The hunting trip will be even more special when you can talk freely and openly in your blind.

Hunting traditions are shared by families, friends, and other hunters that have the same passion. It’s something you can look forward to every year and remember all of the good times from years past. Every time you practice the tradition, you’ll get closer with the person that taught it to you. In the future, maybe you’ll be able to teach it to someone else.

Do you have any hunting traditions? We would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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