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Hunting season opens in less than two months in Minnesota. It might seem like time is running out, but there are still a lot of things you can do during the off season that will help prepare you for the upcoming hunting season. Here a few things you can do now that will get your next season off to a great start.

1. Fill Your Water Source With Minerals

Whether the deer herd can get food and water on your property during the summer will determine whether they come back in the fall. Deer will keep gravitating toward places they know have a reliable food and water source. If you make sure your property is on that list, you’re in a good position for the hunting season. Placing a Wild Water® System on your property and adding our Wild Water® Mineral Supplements to it will provide a consistent water source the herd can rely on. The minerals should create a dependency once they start using the system. The minerals come in various flavors and the nutrients should make them feel healthier. Deer can feel when they’re getting the right nutrition, they’re in-tune to their health, so once they start noticing the difference they’ll realize it’s your water that’s giving them the nutrition.

2. Check Your Equipment

Now is a great time to take your bow in for a tune-up. You should, of course, be keeping up on bow maintenance all year and taking it in whenever you notice the bowstrings are frayed or something is off, but an annual check-in before bow season is also a great idea. It will show you whether your strings need replacing or if something is bent or slightly misaligned that you didn’t notice, but it will also show you if your draw weight has changed since last year. It’s important to keep up with an accurate draw weight because this has a direct baring on the type of arrows you use as well. As you gain strength and up your draw weight, the weight of your arrows will need to change with it. For our younger archers that are still growing, it’s important to check the draw length every year as well. If the young archer has already outgrown adjustable bows, they might need a new bow altogether. It’s important to make sure you’re going into the hunting season with the right equipment for you.

3. Place Your Stump Blind

It’s not too late to place your Stump blind on your property if you haven’t done so already. Take some time to scout out prime locations on the property, keeping in mind that they might have changed from last year. A good place for your blind last year might not be the best place for it this year. It all depends on where you’re seeing signs of deer. If you set your feeders or water sources in a different location, the deer will likely have made their bedding areas nearby. You’ll need to position your Stump blind along the path between these locations. Stump blinds are designed to blend into the terrain so if you place them now, you still have some time for the deer to get used to the object before hunting season opens.

Keeping up with your hunting equipment, food and water sources and Stump blinds will help you prepare during the off season. Make sure all these items are good to go now and you should be able to go into the hunting season stress-free.

How do you prepare in the off-season? Let us know your tactics in the comments below!

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