Cleaning your Stump blind routinely during hunting season and again before you put it away will help maintain a clean and organized blind. It will also help you regulate scent and give you a head start for next season. Here are some tips on how to best store your blind during the off season.

Clean Your Windows

Throughout the season and before you store your blind, you should clean all the windows. You can clean your windows with unscented soap and water or any other unscented cleaning products. You can use our Blind Towel to wipe off the solution. It is scent-free so you don’t need to worry about leaving a chemical smell on the windows. It’s ultra-absorbent and will dry the windows quickly. The towel is made to be used wet or dry, so you can also dip it into a bucket of water and clean the windows that way, as well. The towel is 16 inches by 16 inches so it is large enough to cover a lot of surface area on your windows, but small enough that it stores easily. After you let the towel dry out – you don’t want to put the towel away sopping wet inside your closed-up blind, you’ll come back to a very musty smelling towel if you do – you can hang it off the included carabiner and keep it in your blind. Don’t worry, the towel dries quickly so you won’t have to wait long.

Clean the Interior

It’s also a good idea to clean the floor of the blind. After hiking through wooded-areas and other terrain all season, you’ve likely tracked in a lot of dirt and mud from your boots. Our Stump blinds come with a Foam Floor Mat that’s made with closed-cell, industrial grade foam. You can clean the mats with soap and water, using the Blind Towel, just like you cleaned the windows. As with the towel, you’ll want to let the mat dry before sealing up the blind.

Change the Carbon Filter

Try to make a habit out of routinely changing the filters in your blind. You can replace them before you store the blind or at the beginning of hunting season when you take the blind back out. Our Carbon Filters help control any scent inside the blind by filtering the air that circulates from inside to outside the blind. The filters fit into the ventilation system that’s already built in to the Stump blinds. By making the filters part of your cleaning routine, you’ll ensure that you have a fresh start to every hunting season.

Locking Door Handle

If you use our Locking Door Handle on your Stump blind, make sure the handle is locked after you’re done cleaning the blind and you’re ready to put it away. This is especially true if you’re able to leave your blind on public hunting grounds. This will help prevent anyone from going inside your blind during the off-season. Check your state’s regulations on storing hunting blinds on public land.

Keeping your Stump blind clean and organized will help you enter the next hunting season with a fresh start and a fresh blind. Our Stump accessories can help you do that. Follow our tips above and you’ll be ready for hunting season as soon as it opens.

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