Predator Hunting 101

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Predator hunting is a necessary activity to ensure the safety of pedestrians and domestic animals when the predators get a little too close to urban areas. Coyotes are a main source of fear when it comes to household pets and our Stump blinds can help you hunt them once you’ve filled your deer tags for the season.

Blinds are great for hunting predators like coyotes. A box blind like our Stump 4 is a successful method for hunting these predators if camouflaged properly. They are weary of a new blind suddenly popping up out of the blue, so avoid hunting the spot for a couple weeks after you put up the blind and let them get used to it. Hunting from the spot too early will scare them away. You have to make them think it is just a part of the landscape before you insert yourself into the situation.


A coyote’s senses are even more sensitive than a deer’s. Their eyes, ears, and nose will be on guard to the slightest differentiation to their normal environment. It is vitally important for you to keep very still and being in a blind makes that a little bit easier. In a treestand, every movement is out in the open. With a blind, you are shielded by the windows and have more flexibility to move slowly. Elevating our blinds off the ground gives you the element of surprise by containing your scent until the coyotes come closer. Coyotes tend to not look up as much as deer do, so being lifted up off the ground will keep you out of their line of sight, but close enough to get a good shot. Our blinds offer a rest, which could be an important aid when your hand needs to remain as steady of possible. Coyotes have a smaller vital target than a deer, so you need to be as accurate as possible. Being able to rest your arms on the window ledge could make all the difference in the perfect shot.


Most coyotes are wise to a hunter’s coyote call and will high-tail it to safer ground when they hear a call that sounds too familiar. You don’t want to use something so obvious. Use calls for other animals, like a turkey, to lure them in. They will be far more intrigued by a turkey call than their own call. You don’t want to call until you’re in an area that you can see them. Don’t call them while you’re walking to the blind. Wait until you’re settled and have confirmed that the weather conditions are clear enough for decent visibility before you begin to call. You need to be able to spot the coyotes the second they come into proximity and the Stump blind’s 360-degree view will give you plenty of vision when they do.

Hunting is both a resourceful way to provide meat for your family and a way to control populations. Coyote meat is edible and controlling the population will ensure the safety of other animals. Coyote meat has to be cooked a certain way to maintain flavor, so check out this recipe once you’ve done your predator hunting from our Stump blinds. You’ll put food on the table and continue to enjoy hunting even after your deer tags are filled. Do you enjoy predator hunting? Have you had success in one of our blinds? Let us know your predator hunting stories!

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