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The Feed Bank is a gravity-fed deer feeder designed to elevate with a single center post. This eliminates any obstruction for bucks to access the feed unlike standard tripod feeders. This standout design results in the most economical, high-quality deer feeder on the market.



  • Design allows for 300 lbs of feed.
  • Mounts on one 8-foot 4×4 (not included) set 3-feet into the ground.
  • Single post won’t interfere with or damage antler growth.
  • Large, watertight cover makes filling easy and keeps feed fresh.
  • Feed ports stand at an optimal height of 42-inches.


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UV Stabilized Polyethylene

Feed Capacity

300 lbs

Feed Ports


Feed Delivery


Attaches to

Tree, 4×4 Post


38" Tall


  1. Hayley Bodin

    Bought this feeder for my dad for Father’s Day – he loves it & so do the deer!

  2. John Tow II

    Last January I bought 7 Feedbank 300s for my property. I have had very good luck with this product and the deer and bear seem to accept it as part of there environment. I plan to use them in 2017 as well and have recommended this product to many friends that want to feed or mineral suppliment their herd.
    My only problem is that the bear have broken the bottom plate of the feeder and I can’t seem to fix them. I have tried fiberglass and tin plate to no avail. Would it be possible to purchase 3 of these plates from you directly as the dealer I purchased from originally is no longer in business.
    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
    John Tow II

  3. Cris McIlvaine

    Awesome deer feeder. I have had it out for a year and a half with great results. The deer love it.

  4. DeadEye

    This is the best made and best performing feeder on the market today. I currently have 8 of these units and I am working to replace all my old timed release feeders with these. They are reliable and don’t continue to cost you money every year like having to purchase new batteries, spin plates, controllers, or even entire feeder assembly. I keep protein pellets in these feeders year around and manage all my properties for trophy.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  5. Longcreekhunter

    I purchased the feed bank 300 because I was tired of replacing motors and batteries in my automatic feeder. It took about 9 days before the first deer ate from it but now they frequent it daily. I am in the process of transitioning to protein pellets now and they are still out there daily. This is a very well made feeder and I plan to purchase more. No damage from any squirrels yet.

    From cabelas.com

  6. Jeff K

    I have a 6 pt bull elk that hangs out on my property in NE Kansas…and he kept knocking over my Boss Buck feeder every time it was empty. Finally one day this winter he apparently got his antlers locked up in the feed tubes and he completely destroyed it trying to thrash it off…hence the reason I needed a new feeder. I started researching gravity feeders but didn’t want to pay more than $300 and didn’t want it to have legs like the other one that was destroyed. I found the #300 Feed Bank and it looked like just the ticket. It arrived in a few days after ordering and I set about immediately to install it. I have a tractor with a 3 pt post hole digger which I used to set the 8′ 4×4 post three feet into the ground a day or two before the feeder arrived. The Feed Bank feeder was very easy to assemble…my only complaint is that it is a little difficult to fit my arm and hand into the feed tubes to install the two wing screws…no big deal though. I adjusted it the way I wanted and had my wife help me lift it on to the post. Just a tip, cut a piece of 6″ PVC pipe to fit over the post before you install the feeder…cut it just a few inches lower than the bottom of the feeder…this will help keep the coons and squirrels at bay…and so far it works. All in all it is an easy installation and so far it is working just as intended. I was a little concerned about the height of the feed tubes but trail cam pics show that even the smallest does have no trouble accessing the corn in this feeder. I definitely recommend this feeder…if you don’t have a 3 pt post hole digger then it is just going take a little manual labor to dig a 3′ hole to set the 8′ pt post in.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  7. Sobo6

    I have owned both Banks and Boss Buck feeders and just recently sold my other feeder and ordered a second Banks 300# feeder. While I loved the ease of moving the other feeder, I could not keep raccoons off that thing. This is the main reason I am a fan of the Banks feeder. One center post or I guess for this convo “climbing” post to worry about rather than three. Yes it isn’t fun digging in posts to move the feeders around, but the little bit of sweat equity is totally worth what I save in feed waste by not having raccoons emptying out the thing. These feeders are very durable and functional. Would have gotten 5 stars from me but I liked the lid on the older 275# version than the new lid on the 300# as it was actually a flip up style lid with hinges and not a completely removable lid with pretty low grade latches. Gave me the impression it could blow off as the latches loosen over time so put some hooks on it so I could keep a strap over it as well. However the feeder ports are greatly improved on the 300# for better flow especially with pellets than the older 275#.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  8. Happy Customer

    This feeder is very large with lots larger feed tubes than the other feeders I have purchased. Also the feed tube has a better end lip. The hardest part was getting a hole 3 feet deep in rock country but we managed. Love how the top just has two clips to undo to put feed inside. The feeder is lots more sturdy that what I thought it would be.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  9. DanM

    Feeder holds plenty of corn, arrives ready to use (only requires about a minute to attach the four dispensing tubes), and installs by simply sliding over a 4×4 (so the setup merely requires setting a 4×4 in the ground. Even though it is constructed from a molded plastic, it is extremely durable. I have hunting property in the mountains of north Georgia. Because there are bears on the property, during the spring, summer, and fall, all my deer feeders are elevated. I use this feeder during the winter months, to provide supplemental feed during that time. This past spring, a bear must have smelled the remnants of corn in the feeder (it was empty at the time). The bear pulled the feeder with enough force to snap the 4×4 that it was mounted on (see attached photo), but no damage was done to the feeder. I simply had to set another 4×4 in the ground.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  10. R Clark

    Nice feeder had put a piece of p.v.c around the 4×4 to keep the coons off it. It could use a better lid on it. I put a lock on mind to keep anything from knocking it off. The latches or not that secured.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  11. Rob D Clark

    I had all the feeders out there on the market. Didn’t like changing batterys out all the & coons would up on them. Like the banks feeder except the lid. Going to put hook locks on it don’t want it to blow off. I did put a piece of p.v.c pipe around the 4×4 to keep the coons of it.

  12. Gator

    I’ve got two of these and have never had a problem with squirrels or anything else with either of them. You will go through a lot of corn, I have to refill each about once a month, but you don’t have to worry about a mechanical feeder scaring away the big boys. Use a large PVC pipe or sheet metal around the post to keep critters from climbing up and you won’t have any issues.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  13. Ehunter43

    Pretty good gravity feeder overall. Consistent flow, easy to set up, good price. Only real complaint is that the lid and lid clasps are a little light weight. Would like to see the lid a bit thicker, and a total redesign of the cheap little lid clasps they have on it now. Would have gotten 5+ stars if those issues were addressed.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  14. bugman


    From sportsmansguide.com

  15. Ironbrad

    Love to read the reviews,put a 5’ dryer vent around the post plus a squirrel cone, just got it up, waiting For the deer to find it, I poured some on the ground Hoping it would help

    From sportsmansguide.com

  16. Jeff

    Feel like the lid should have better hardware. But overall great feeder.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  17. Goatman

    Seems to be solid built and lightweight to carry in easily. Placed on a wooden post without a sleeve to test the squirrels ability to access the feed. So far they haven’t figured out a way to get to it.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  18. Cocky

    I’m was very pleased with the price, assembly was was very simple. Haven’t put it out for use yet but looking forward to. Quality seems to very good will put test in next couple weeks.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  19. Craig

    It was very simple to install and seems to be well built and seems to be varmint proof. We will see how it holds up I have a lot of varmints I give 4 stars on the price becuase I always think all feeders could be cheaper.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  20. Brian

    I ordered this feeder and recieved it within a few days. I just installed it this past weekend. I was unable to fill it with corn since it was turkey season. Overall I am impressed and look forward to geeting some great trail cam pictures.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  21. Craig1000

    Just been using this for a couple of months so far it’s worked great. Put metal around post keeps Coons out but squirrels still get to it.

    From sportsmansguide.com

  22. Rodthebod

    I think I’m gonna be very pleased with this feeder. I may add some hinges on it but other than that. It looks like I will buy another one very soon!

    From sportsmansguide.com

  23. Harryb

    Looks good and sturdy. Can’t wait to get it in the woods and fill it with goodies And set out a game camera to see who and what is coming to the buffet

    From sportsmansguide.com

  24. Mark Brower

    Over all pleased with feeder but like many have said lid latches are weak even lid should perhaps be little thicker. Great design and concept for gravity feeder.

  25. Mark Brower

    I agree with all reviews great product works well.

  26. Shannon Moen

    I recently purchased a 300# feeder. I absolutely love it. I did put it in a wooded area so I had to add bird spikes to it to keep the squirrels from chewing on the top and sitting on the ports for a free for all. It keeps the racoons out when installed at the recommended height and using a post cover. Deer used it within hours of filling but I put it where they where already accustomed to feeding and the racoons are not happy now as they were going through 50# of corn in a couple of days. Both deer and turkeys can eat out of it freely. Also built well. I do wish the top was a bit more stout and on a hinge with ability to lock. I will definitely buy another in the future.

  27. Ryan Robertson

    Have had a Banks feeder for several years and it’s stood the test to weather squirrels and even bears hanging from it! This feeder will last you for many years in my experience!

  28. Willie Jones

    I purchased the Banks 300 feeder a couple of years ago and waited to give it a review, also ordered the sleeve for my 4×4 post. This is a great feeder I have no complaints but I do recommend keeping it clean especially if you use pellets.

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