NEW FOR 2022 – We went to the drawing board to solve the age-old problem of keeping concealed in the blind, while still being able to see the action happening all around. Designed was the ‘Phantom Edition’ – your favorite Stump blinds featuring a tinted framed window. Built with every lighting situation in mind, the tint allows you to stay visually concealed inside your blind, while still being able to see out, from dawn until dusk.

The Stump Framed Window System is our deluxe window system for hunting blinds. Add it to your Stump 2, Stump 3 or Stump 4. In addition to fitting Banks hunting blinds, these windows may be used to outfit your self-made “box blind”. These hunting blind windows are great aftermarket products to add functionality to your current Stump or the homemade box blind you built. Available in 4 sizes.



  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Opens silently when it’s time to make a shot.
  • Tight seal keeps scent contained and the elements out.


  • 10.5″ x 19.5″: $99
  • 14″ x 22″: $109
  • 34″x14″: $149


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10.5" x 19.5"
14" x 22"
9.5" x 45"
34" x 14"