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Available in 4′, 8′ and 12′ (created with 4′ Extension Kit) heights, The Steel Tower System mounts to any Banks Outdoors hunting blind. Equipped with 8/12-gauge steel, this durable tower system can accommodate any hunting situation. The easy-to-assemble design allows it to be erected in the field. *Does not include steel base. Base is included with the Stump Blind.

The 4′ Extension Kit attaches to the 8′ tower to create a 12′ tower. 


  • Compatible with any Banks Outdoors elevated Stump hunting blind (excludes Ice & Scout models).
  • Includes handrail for added safety.
  • Textured ladder steps help ensure safe entry and exit.
  • Foot anchor plates allow you to safely secure your tower to the ground.
  • Quick assembly.
  • Fits with the Deck Plate.

4′ Tower System: $879

8′ Tower System: $1379

4′ Extension Kit for 8′ Tower: $699


Additional information

4' Footprint

6' x 6'

8' Footprint

7' x 7'

12' Footprint

9' x 9'


  1. Dwayne Norton

    Over the last two years I have purchased 6 Banks blinds. The first four I made towers out of 4×4’s and 2×4’s. Very solid but very time consuming. For blind number 5 I decided to try the 8′ tower. All the pieces were packaged in as small a box as possible making it easy to haul. The instructions were detailed and clear. Where my wood towers would take 2-3 people to construct, this tower kit can be put together by yourself with no issues. After completing and tightening this tower is as secure or more than my wood towers. After putting one together I believe I can complete this tower in half the time of a wood tower. The only advice I have is to not snug any bolts…although the instructions indicate to…until the stand is completely put together. I would highly recommend this product and will be purchasing another for my sixth stand.

    • Banks Outdoors

      Thanks for the feedback, Dwayne!

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