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The Stump 2 was given an enlarged 34″ x 14″ rear window, a 3-point door latching system, as well as the addition of a new foam Floor Mat in every blind. The Stump 2 is the perfect 2-man hunting blind with a walk-in door that swings out to leave the optimal amount of space within the blind and easy entry for hunters of any age. Leg system not included.


  • 360-degree view allows for excellent visibility in all directions.
  • Oval design makes it a perfect deer hunting blind for bowhunters.
  • Extremely durable, UV stabilized polyethylene construction.
  • Paintable, bark-like texture. Weather resistant. Will not rot.
  • Windows open silently, seal tight and keep scent contained.
  • Rigid heavy-duty steel-plate base for easy, secure mounting.
  • Includes floor mat, gun shelf and vent kit.

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Additional information




Weathered Wood




6.5\' L x 4\' W

Interior Height



250 lbs

Door Size

26" W x 54" H

Window Size

(4) 10.5" x 19.5"
(1) 34" x 14"
(1) 14" x 22"



6 reviews for THE STUMP 2

  1. sent

    I have a total of 4, two 2 person and two 4 person. This is my first year hunting from them and it was great. I’m buying 2 more this year 2017 and hope to keep adding. Took my daughter hunting durning youth hunt 2016 from my 2 person stump, we had a great time seeing over 25 deer and she took her first deer, 10 point at 75 yards.


  2. smittystuff

    This is the second Stump 2 I have added to my hunting property.
    They are well built and very easy to set up. They are great for taking youths on there first hunts and/or staying out of the really nasty weather that can occur during Minnesota deer hunting. Shipping was extremely fast. I know in the description of the blind it says 2 – 3 weeks shipping from the manufacture. I ordered it on a Tuesday and had it shipped to the hunting property, it showed up 2 days later on Thursday.


  3. Oxman

    Superb construction, roomy, superb price. If you want the best hunting blind out there, then this is it! Can’t wait for Deer Season!


  4. huntrman

    This is a quality build blind, however I’m a bow hunter (both compound and xbow) and it is very cumbersome to shoot out of the windows. There simply is not enough room for one and forget trying to bow hunt 2 out of this. I have to be extra careful to sit way back and watch that the limbs don’t smack the window brackets after release . It is fine for rifle and muzzleloader hunting however. My advise to bow hunters is to buy the bigger blind.


  5. Bluecrab

    This blind is worth every cent. I waited 4 years to pull the trigger on this one! I hunt in SC and it does get cold and wet! Our season goes from Aug 15 to 31 Dec. It’s the most comfortable all day blind I know of. You can bring your food with out worry of the scents leaving the blind.

    So from ,105 to 25 deg F, this blind is great protection from the heat and cold. It holds your sent. Had a doe scratch an itch on the box while I was in it! Great blind for taking my wife and teaching a youngster! I will raise it up about 8 ‘ after the season. You pay what for what you get. This blind is worth it! I may by a second and put it on skids and pull it around the hunting lease.

    Make sure it’s delivered where you need it. Pain in the butt to move on a trailer long distance. If you don’t live near your lease have it delivered to someone near your hunting camp. Less highway better.


  6. Sam Nesius

    5 stars for gun hunting. We hunt in MN and go hard after shooters from bow opener to muzzle loader. We have four of these Stump 2’s and they are game changers for sure. My daughter has taken 3 deer (1 doe and 2 bucks) from banks blinds, my cousin has taken 2 bucks , and I’ve taken 2 bucks. We’re planning and saving to add several more Stump 4 vision series. While the stump 2 blinds are great blinds for a gun hunt, they struggle during bow season. I only mention this for folks who are hoping to dual purpose their blinds. It can be done, but you will have limited shot opportunities out the sides and angled windows. You will have no shot out the front or the door with a bow in the 2 man stump. You simply don’t have enough space to draw. Additionally, it’s possible for the deer to be too close to the base of your stand and you won’t be able to get the downward angle for a clean shot. Fortunately, banks has introduced the vision series blinds in 3 and 4. What we have also found is if you put your 2 man stump on 10 ft tall 4X4’s and strategically construct your bracing, you will have the perfect size area to put a ground blind directly under your 2 man stump. I have a ground blind under one my stump 2’s and love using it. Last thoughts, go for the full insulation kit, curtains, and floor mat. as they really cut down on any bump echo. Also, you may want vacuum your blind out every year after the flies go dormant in there. Not a big deal until you fire up your heater and they all wake up. Yikes…it can freak a young kid out and I’ll admit the buzzing can drive you bonkers. Finally, just buy the entry platform if you’re putting them up in air a ways. Trying to climb in without the platform is a challenge.

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