During this spring turkey hunting season, you might be considering the choice between bowhunting and shotgun hunting. There are pros and cons, benefits and challenges, to each. Consider the options and choose what’s right for you. Whichever you choose, our Stump blinds and other products should help you have a successful season.

Bowhunting is Quieter than Shotgun Hunting

Hunting with a bow and arrows is a much quieter way to hunt than hunting with a shotgun. The twang of the bowstring, the sound of the arrow flying through the air, and the sound of the arrow landing in the targeted wild game are all whispers compared to the sound of a shot from a shotgun. Having a quieter shot means that you won’t disturb the rest of the flock or alert them that you’re in the area. When they hear the shotgun shot the flock and other wild game will, of course, retreat from the sound which could impact your chances of another shot or another harvest.

Bowhunting Presents a Challenge

Bowhunting turkeys is certainly more difficult than shotgun hunting turkeys. When you hunt turkeys with a bow, they need to be at a closer range than a shotgun to make an accurate shot. You also need to hold your bow at full draw until you’re ready to take the shot, so it requires a buildup of muscles so that you can hold steady at full draw without shaking. The minimum draw weight required for bowhunting in Minnesota is 30 pounds, which means you need to be able to pull back 30 pounds of pressure and hold it.  If you’re not there yet, you’ll need to build up your strength before you can hunt with a bow. Shotguns don’t have a strength component. You can rest a shotgun on a stand, like our Bi-Pod Shooting Stick. That said, the fact that bowhunting is more challenging than shotgun hunting could be seen as a notch in the “pro” column for some hunters. If you’re someone that loves a challenge and the practice required doesn’t concern you, you’ll enjoy bowhunting turkeys.

Stump Blinds

Whether you’re hunting with a bow or a shotgun, our Stump blinds will make the experience practical and accessible. Stump blinds like the Stump Sequoia Scout, new for 2023, provide ample room and ample windows. The Sequoia’s interior is 90 inches in diameter and has eight silent, tinted and framed windows that swing open with absolute stealth. The eight windows surround the blind and provide a plethora of options for hunting turkeys from the ground blind. You’ll be able to hunt with a partner without crossing over each other’s shot range. All blinds for 2023 come standard with our Phantom Windows. The new windows offer even more coverage and privacy than ever. The windows adjust to the light, so no matter whether it’s sunny, cloudy, dawn or dusk, the windows will conceal you. They are also one-way viewing, meaning you can see out but wildlife can’t see in. Turkeys have incredible eyesight, so this is a huge advantage whether you’re bowhunting or shotgun hunting.  Note that these windows are not shoot-through, so you’ll need to open them when it’s time to take the shot.

Whichever form of hunting sounds right for you, our Stump blinds and accessories are here to help you get started.

Which do you prefer: bowhunting turkeys or shotgun hunting turkeys? Let us know in the comments below!



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