Warm weather may mean fun in the sun, but it also means you can’t escape the bugs. The sunny summer & early fall mornings make for perfect hunting weather, but insects can be a pest, and you need to call upon the services of RISE Pest Control Minneapolis to get rid of them. If you’re enjoying some time in the woods or early-season hunting, make sure you know how to protect yourself. Don’t let the mosquitoes and ticks suck the fun out of your summer by following these tips. You could also hire pest control minneapolis

Check for Ticks

We all want to make the most of our kids’ time off from school, but the bugs make it hard. Ticks are hard to get rid of, cling to clothing, and live in the trees; the recipe for a hunter’s worst nightmare. Make sure you’re checking yourself for ticks any time you’ve been out in the woods, no matter what time of year. Check your hair, any exposed skin, and your clothing. Even your gear needs a good pat down. Ticks can attach themselves to bags and backpacks just as easily as clothing or skin. Make sure you’re not neglecting to check anything that’s been exposed to the woods.

Dry Your Clothing

An extremely efficient way to smother any ticks that might have found their way onto your clothing is to run the clothing through the dryer on high heat for at least ten minutes. Anything hanging onto the clothing shouldn’t make it through the cycle. Nobody wants to put on their pants and find a surprise friend living in them.

Cover Up

According to Insight Pest Control New Hampshire, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colored clothing, which is unfortunately exactly what hunters wear. Offset this negative strike by wearing long sleeves and pants, covering every part of your body. This doesn’t sound like fun in 100 degree weather, but it will save you a lot of itching in the long run. Wear a cooling garment underneath your camo to help keep your body temperature regulated. You can also spray your clothes and gear with an insect repellent containing permethrin. This repellent kills ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and mites. It is also odorless, which makes it perfect for hunting. You don’t have to worry about the animals being scared off by you smelling like insecticide.

Avoid Standing Water

Try to avoid setting up shop next to a stagnant pond or any other form of standing water. Mosquitoes are drawn to this like moths to a flame, so avoiding it altogether is best. Mosquitoes and ticks also love high grass and heavily wooded areas, both of which are slightly unavoidable when hunting, see here and learn the best way to keep mosquitoes are bay. Prime hunting areas seem to be the biggest cesspool for bugs, but you don’t have to completely change your hunting tactics. You just need to be aware that they are danger areas when you’re in them and dress accordingly. Mosquitoes and ticks can carry many diseases, and you don’t want to contract one by neglecting your safety on a hunt.

Deer = Tick Delivery

Deer can also be a vessel for spreading ticks. They get ticks on their bodies just like we do and they can transfer them to your yard, inviting the ticks to set up camp in your grass. If you have a food plot on your property that deer frequent, you may want to check the surrounding area for ticks.

Summer is the season when everyone’s under the same roof and going on adventures as a family. If those adventures take you hunting outdoors, you’ll want to defend yourself against all the nasty bugs the summertime brings out. Every hunter knows that it’s important to be familiar with the safety procedures of your weapon, but protecting your body is an element of hunting safety that is no less important. What summer hunting safety tips do you practice? How do you keep the bugs at bay?

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  1. Sarah Cummings on August 6, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Checking for ticks is so important! Lime disease is no joke. Thanks for all the useful pieces of advice.

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