There are so many great opportunities to hunt public land around the country. If you take the time to check a hunting app or scout for land in person, you’ll be amazed at how many areas of public hunting land you’ll find. Below are some tips on how to hunt turkeys on public land this spring.

Stay Safe

When you’re hunting public land it, of course, means you’re going to be hunting on the land with other hunters. It’s very important to wear an item of blaze orange. The fluorescent color will help alert other hunters to your location but won’t scare off the turkeys. If you’re not wearing blaze orange, you might blend into the landscape so well that you’ll even be imperceptible to other hunters. Wear the orange clothing and keep yourself safe. Check your state’s regulations for any specific rules and guidelines on wearing orange.

Another way to stay safe is to hunt in a safe location. Don’t set up shop within shot range of another hunter. This should be an understood rule, but it’s always good to go over basics. The rule is true whether you’re hunting on foot with your Bucket Backpack or from your Stump blind. You want to set up far enough way from the other hunter to be respectful so that you’re not gunning for the same turkeys and far enough to the side that you’re not in their shot range.

Find Secluded Spots

Turkeys like to spend time in open fields and open grassy areas, but if you notice a lot of other hunters are hunkered down around the open clearing, don’t be afraid to move on. Pass up that over-pressured field and keep going. Look for a smaller open area in another section of the land. Just like deer, turkeys react to being over-pressured so they will move to a more secluded location. Turkeys are sensitive to human noises, so try to bring your Stump blind to your spot in an ATV rather than a truck. The quieter the motor, the better. Remember to give the turkeys some time after you set up the blind. They’ll need some time for that noise to calm down before they emerge.

Be Aware of Your Calling

Acknowledge the skill level of turkey calling you’re at. If you can hear other hunters using turkey calls and they sound very realistic and your calls aren’t quite as proficient, the turkeys will likely spot your call as fake and gravitate to the real-sounding ones. Take some time to practice at home and try out your calls when there aren’t as many hunters nearby until you’ve perfected the technique. That said, don’t be afraid. If you know your calls are acceptable, go for it. Just avoid making the same noises as the other hunters. You don’t want to over-call in a highly pressured area.

Participating in spring turkey hunting season is a great way to keep meat on your table and your hunting skills sharp. Hunting public land will give you easy access to the turkeys and will offer you some skill-building challenges once you’re there. Our Stump blinds will keep you comfortable and concealed on your next turkey hunting adventure on public land.

What are your tips for hunting turkeys on public land? Let us know in the comments below!




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