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Summer Nutrition for your Herd

Summer is the best time to provide deer with the nutrition they need. The nutrition they receive during the summer will impact their growth in the fall and winter. Make sure your property has a mineral site that’s packed with the nutrients the deer need to become dependent and grow bigger and better than last year.


Right now the deer fawn that were born this spring are growing rapidly. They need all the nutrition they can get to grow in strength and stature for the years to come. The young deer that are still nursing may not be eating from your food plot directly, but the nutrition that the does will get from the plot will help them produce healthy milk for the fawns. Proper nutrition will also help deer grow their antlers larger. Antler development begins in the first year, so it’s important to keep their nutrition up now.

Wild Water

The minerals in our Wild Water® Mineral Supplement will provide your herd with enough calcium and phosphorus to encourage antler development and enough calcium to produce healthy does. The supplement can be added to any existing water system or to our own troughs. You don’t need to worry about constantly refilling your water source. One bag of our supplement treats 100 gallons of water. You can add the supplement to any water source, including our troughs, a pond, or your own homemade water source. Any vessel that contains water, manufactured or man-made, can be treated with our supplement. It dissolves directly into the water, so there’s no need to worry that the minerals will settle at the bottom, or filter out before the deer can ingest them. The minerals are dissolved into the water immediately.


Summer is the perfect time to create dependency on your property. You want to generate traffic during the summer while there is no hunting pressure. If they become accustomed to your property while there is no threat, they’ll be more likely to continue frequenting your property during hunting season. Deer know when they need nutrition and become addicted to the feeling of being healthy. Keep this feeling going during the summer while they are still gaining weight and rebuilding from the winter.

Deer are in-tune with their bodies. They know when they’re not receiving proper nutrition and will seek it wherever they can. This primal instinct to restore health is what will keep the deer coming to your property if you use our mineral supplement. Deer seek out food not only to eat for survival, but to give themselves the nutrition they know they need. If you can offer deer the nutrition they need in one place, they won’t wander anywhere else.

Using a water source as a form of nutrition also helps distribute the nutrition to the entire herd. You don’t have to worry about the supply running out, because as long as there’s water, there’s nutrition. There will always be enough for each deer in the herd to get their fair share. You can replace water much more quickly than you can replace food. Having both on your property will ensure that the deer will get everything they need from you.

What are some of your struggles when it comes to ensuring proper deer nutrition during the summer? Let us know your own experiences below.

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