Deer naturally rely on Mother Nature to provide them with the nutrition they need to survive. While the Earth can give them the minimum nutrition, we know we can give the deer better. That’s why providing your deer herd with supplemental feed is important to their overall health. Having a food source high in nutrition will help the deer in the herd grow and keep them coming back to your property.


Spring is here and so are the new deer fawns. These fawns need all the vitamins and nutrients they can get if they want to remain healthy. Healthy fawns begin with healthy does. When fawns are still too young to eat anything but milk, the does are their only source of nutrition. The mothers’ milk needs to be packed with nutrients for the fawns to grow. Does are hyper-aware of this need, so they will frequent food sources that they know will provide their offspring with the necessary means to survive. Creating dependence on your property is one of the best ways to keep track of your herd.

Feeder Benefits

Using our Feedbank Gravity Deer Feeders to feed your herd will allow them to feed at any time of the day. The multiple dispensing ports will allow multiple deer to feed at the same time, which will create a higher visitor count to your property. The ports are only activated when the deer are actively feeding out of them so the feed will not be wasted. The feeders hold up to 600 pounds of feed, so you won’t have to refill them very often.

The ideal location to set up your feeder is somewhere where you can set up a trail camera nearby. Being able to monitor your herd is one of the major benefits of supplemental feeding, so you want to make sure you’re capturing every second of the action with your trail cameras. This can be done by placing the deer feeders close to the fence line (placing the camera on the fence post) or close enough to a tree to hook up the camera to the trunk of it.

The deer will also appreciate the easy access to the food in the feeders. Our Feedbank Gravity Feeders have a single post design which will keep the bucks from harm. Other feeders with multiple legs can cause bucks to catch their antlers, causing damage and discomfort.


Providing deer with nutrition is so important that we have a way for deer to get their nutrients from water as well. Our Wild Water® Mineral Supplement contains an abundance of elements that deer need. The minerals dissolve in the water so the nutrients will be distributed evenly throughout the water source, proving a whole herd of deer with their daily dose of nutrition.

A supplemental food source is no different than taking vitamins every day. It’s a simple way for the deer to get the proper nutrition when nature doesn’t provide it. When deer find a food or water source that sustains them, they won’t be eager to leave it. Placing supplemental food in your Feedbank Gravity Feeder will produce a healthy and consistent herd.

What are your tips for supplemental deer feeding? What trends have you found? We’d love to hear your advice on supplemental deer feeding!

*Please refer to your local laws & regulations before supplemental feeding.

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