The Best Deer Feeder

Our feeders accommodate outfitters, land managers and deer hunters with any type of property or supplemental feeding program.

The Best Deer Feeder

Deer feeders come in many shapes, sizes and materials, but we know that our feeders are the highest quality and most economic on the market. Here are five reasons to choose a Banks Feed Bank when shopping for a deer feeder.

1. Our Feeders are Tough

Storms, bears and the natural elements can take a toll on a deer feeder’s lifespan. Feeders made from cheap plastic become chew toys for bears. Even steel-constructed feeders get tossed around and dented by bruins.

Made of UV stabilized polyethylene, the Feed Bank can withstand abuse. It will not rust, tip over or accommodate a bear’s curiosity to find out what’s inside. Here’s one review of many on the strength of our feeders:

review of banks deer feeder

And it’s durable while still looking like it belongs in the woods. Many feeders are monstrosities with metal legs, looking like something out of the movie War of The Worlds. Mounted on a single lumber post and featuring a tree-bark texture, the feeder fits the landscape of your hunting property.

2. Our Feeders are Easy to Move

The single-post design on Bank’s Feed Bank also allows for better mobility. You can sink multiple posts around your property and move the feeder to adjust to the herd’s patterns. Moving the deer feeder helps with keeping feeding areas clean and reduces the risk of spreading any diseases within the herd.

3. Big Bucks Come to Our Feeders

Big bucks like eating from our deer feeders. Utilizing a single 4×4 post, no legs extend past the feed ports. Bucks will not hit or damage their antlers during the growing season.

4. Our Feeders Keep Feed Fresh

Thanks to the tight-sealing door on all Feed Bank models, moisture will not get inside the feeder. This reduces your cost and increases the effectiveness of your feeding program because deer typically won’t eat moldy or sour feed.

5. Our Feeders are Versatile

Want to put a deer feeder on a sloping ridge? It’s a lot easier with a Feed Bank than a tripod feeder. Simply drive the post into the ground. In addition to that, we offer various sizes. Whether it’s a 40-pound capacity feeder that can be setup in many locations of the property when it’s time to conduct a trail camera survey or a 600-pound capacity feeder that requires fewer visits to the feeding site to refill, our deer feeders meet the specific needs of any land manager.

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