Cold fronts become a regular occurrence in October, so know how to hunt before, during and after they roll in.

It’s finally October – and we can barely contain our excitement. Not only is it hunting season, but college football is in full swing and the weather pleasant. The cold fronts have been increasing in frequency and intensity and will continue to do so for the next several months. It can be tempting to stay inside when it’s inhospitable outside, but these are some of the best times to be in the woods. Here are a few tips on deer hunting cold fronts.

Stable Weather

In stable weather, deer will follow their typical patterns. This usually includes moving from cover to feed at dawn and dusk. If the weather is cooler than normal, or if the pre-rut is starting to creep closer, you may find that pattern not as predictable. Regardless, a trail connecting feeding and bedding areas is your best bet.

Before a Storm Front

Deer can sense a change in the weather before it arrives. They will be feeding before the front slides through, then hunker down in heavy cover as it blows over. Hone in on food sources, whether that’s natural browse like oak trees or a food plot. We like to have a few Feedbanks in our food plots to offer additional nutrients that deer need to pack on the pounds before winter.

When deer hunting cold fronts, located food sources, such as a feeder or food plot.

When deer hunting cold fronts, located food sources, such as a feeder or food plot.

During a Storm

When the wind is howling and rain or snow is falling, deer will be bedded down in heavy cover. They will move, but only short distances and during lulls in the storm. Hunt the edge of cover or near a food plot with thickets nearby.

After a Storm

You know how we make a beeline to the outdoors on the first nice day of spring to end cabin fever? Deer do the same after a storm passes. The storm doesn’t have to be a big one, either. If wind or heavy rains keeps a buck from feeding at night, he will be out in the morning if conditions settle down. Focus your efforts on the same areas you did before the storm passed.

Use a Hunting Blind

A Banks blind protects you from the nastiest weather Mother Nature can throw at you. All of our blinds are constructed out of extremely durable, UV-stabilized polyethylene with a bark-like texture. The tightly sealed windows keep the cold weather out and your scent in. Set a small heater, such as a Mr. Heater portable unit, inside to stay toasty on those frigid mornings. The noise dampening interior allows you more freedom to move around. Be sure to pack a lunch and prop up your feet while you wait for a buck to show up.

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  1. T hoppy HOMAN on December 6, 2017 at 12:59 am

    Great info stuff I basically already knew but refreshed my memory. I hunt SoUTH Mississippi and cold front is great time here since majority of hunting season is sometimes HOT. Get out there during these fronts . U will b glad u did

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