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Planting a food plot will help bring wildlife to your property. You’ll attract deer by providing them with a constant source of nutrition that they’ll come to rely on. However, you don’t want deer or other animals getting into your food plot and eating the crops before they’ve had a chance to grow. Here are some tips on how you can protect your food plot from wildlife until the crops are ready.

A food plot that includes a food source that’s unique to your property will entice deer to your property because they won’t be able to get that source of nutrition anywhere else. They’ll learn that the food is rare and only available on your land. This will encourage them to set up bedding areas nearby and visit your land frequently. While encouraging this activity is a good thing, you need the crops to grow first. If deer or other animals eat the crops before they’ve had time to grow, there will be nothing left by the time hunting season comes around. You don’t want the activity to peak during the summer when you’re not hunting.

Put up a Fence

You can install a fence around your food plot so that the deer can see the crops and learn that they’re there. They’ll be able to smell them and know that they’re growing on your property, but they won’t be able to get to them. This will help protect the crops while they grow. Then, as fall approaches and you’re ready to open up the food plot, either take down the fence completely or create a path to the crops by taking out one section of fencing or leaving the door open. A fence made of polypropylene material is flexible and easy to take down or shorten.

Deter them with Scent

You can also try to deter the deer and other animals by spraying an unpleasant spray around the perimeter of the food plot. The scent should help keep wildlife at bay as long as the scent is active. Continue spraying your plot as long as you want to protect the plot and stop spraying when you’re ready to let the animals in. The scent will wear off after you stop applying it and the animals will feel free to start grazing.

Use our Feedbank Gravity Feeders

You can also use our Feedbank Gravity Feeders along with your food plot. By placing a feeder like the Feedbank 300 Gravity Feeder next to your plot, you’ll train the deer to associate your property with food. They’ll recognize that they can get nutrition during the summer from your feeder and will see the crops in your protected food plot and know that they’ll eventually get that, too. Our feeders are very easy to move, so you can place your feeder wherever makes the most sense on your property. Then, you can easily and quickly change locations to switch it up.

There are a few ways you can protect your food plot while still allowing the deer to know it’s there and associate your property with the food. Install a fence, spray a deterrent, and give the wildlife another option by feeding them with your Feedbank Gravity Feeder. If you do this, your seeds will have time to germinate and grow, and the deer will come back to gaze on the fully-grown crops.

How do you keep your food plot safe from animals until it’s ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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