It’s no secret that hunters can continue to improve during the off-season, and that improvement includes more than just technique. Hunters should also look to improve and manage their land. Keeping up on property maintenance during the off-season will prepare your land for the next hunting season. If you can manage your property during spring and summer, you won’t have to make any last-minute changes this fall. Making changes to your property too close to hunting season doesn’t give the deer herd enough time to adjust. Stay on top of your property now so that you can go into fall with hunting-ready property.

Choose a Location for Your Stump Blind

Hunters should strive to set up their blind during spring to give the deer time to adjust. The goal is for the blind to blend into the landscape so seamlessly that the deer accept it as part of the terrain. Choose a prime location on your property, one that is near water, shelter, and a food source, and set up your Stump blind. Our blinds, like the Stump 3, are purposely round to make the blind look like a tree stump. Smooth edges, like those on the Stump blinds, are more natural to the environment and won’t stick out as abnormal to the deer. When you put your blind out during spring, the deer have time to get used it before you actually start to hunt from it. You need them to see it as a non-threat before you hunt. If you put up your blind, then immediately start hunting, the deer would always associate that blind with danger. Placing your blind now gives you the buffer of time.

Start Feeding the Deer

Now is also the time to start feeding the deer herd, for mostly the same reasons. When you start feeding the deer herd during spring, they will associate your property with the food source for months before hunting season. This will encourage them to continue visiting your property during fall because they have already gotten used to the food source on your property. Deer tend to go with sure bets when it comes to food: If they’ve gotten food there before, they know they’ll likely get it again. Place Feedbank Gravity Deer Feeders around your property, if you haven’t done so already, and start providing a steady and reliable food source for the herd.

Clear Your Property of Debris

Spring is a great time to do some trimming and take inventory. Take a look around your property and seek out any areas that could affect you during the hunting season. Note any areas that have particularly thick and dense cover and mark them as potential bedding areas. Leave the area as it is, even if it’s a little unruly, to give deer the option of making a bedding area on your property. Alternatively, make sure you have a clear path to your Stump blind. You don’t want to be rustling bushes and stepping on branches as you make your way to your blind, so keep your path clear.

Keeping your property hunting-season-ready all year will set you up for success. Set up your Stump blinds and Feedbank Gravity Deer Feeders and clear your property of unnecessary debris now to get ready for hunting season. Doing these things now will give the deer time to adjust and make them comfortable with your property this fall.

How do you keep your hunting property in top shape during the off-season? Let us know your land management tips in the comments below!

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