Are you hoping to go on the ice fishing adventure of a lifetime this winter? There are some great ice fishing spots all over the United States to drop a line and use your Stump Ice. We’ve referenced Take Me Fishing’s list of the best places to ice fish in the world and highlighted the ones here in the U.S.

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

Lake of the Woods contains more than 14,500 islands and encompasses Ontario and Manitoba in Canada and has sections in Minnesota. The Lake of the Woods Minnesota website lists itself as the “walleye capital of the world.” There are over 50 resorts, hotels, rentals and sleeper fish houses available on the lake. Though full-service packages are available, the area also allows you to bring your own gear, so this is definitely a good place to set up your Stump Ice blind, especially if you’re local to our headquarters here in Minnesota.

Lake Gogebic, Michigan

This lake is known primarily for jumbo yellow perch, but they also have walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike and whitefish. Take Me Fishing also notes that you can hook a panfish in the winter if you use small tear drop jigs with spikes or waxworms. The lake’s fishing guide suggests ice fishing in front of the resorts and parks. Lake Superior is also near Lake Gogebic, so you could fish two great locations in one state.

Devil’s Lake, North Dakota

This lake, the largest natural body of water in North Dakota, produces a lot of walleye, northern pike and white bass. If you Google the lake, you might find that it’s referred to as the “perch capital of the world.” Their website notes that their catch limits are generous: 20 perch daily and five pike and walleyes. Another major enticement to drop your line in Devil’s Lake: the season never closes. So that means you have plenty of time to book your dream trip.

Stump Ice

Once you’ve secured your itinerary for your dream ice fishing trip, you can easily pack up your Stump 4 Ice ‘Phantom’ blind and take it with you. It’s easy to transport thanks to the ski base and it has a rigid hitch, so you should have no issues pulling it off your property after hunting season. Fishing during the trip will be easy and comfortable thanks to the heavy insulation, wood floors and easy to open doors. There are no stakes, poles, or zippers to worry about when you’re trying to open the door with gloved hands. You can also mount your reels or a heater to the rigid walls to make your experience even easier.

Wherever you decide to ice fish this winter, our Stump Ice blinds will keep you comfortable and allow you to make the most out of your dream fishing trip. Make sure you check the state’s regulations on ice houses before you go. You’ll likely need to remove the ice house from the ice at the end of every day. Check out the lakes, get any necessary licenses, and book your next great ice fishing adventure this winter to enjoy your Stump blind for another season.

Where are your top ice fishing destinations? Where have you had a great experience or where are you looking forward to going? Let us know in the comments below!




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