Hunting season is approaching and it’s time to think about the gear you’ll be using in the woods. So, will it be a treestand or an elevated blind? Each offers unique benefits and differences, so here’s a breakdown of a few of the similarities and differences between the two to help compare the pieces of equipment.


One of the benefits of hunting from a treestand is that you have equal range of motion when you’re sitting and when you’re standing. You can go through your full range of motion in either position and get the same effect. You could also move from sitting to standing at full draw comfortably.

One of the challenges of hunting from a treestand is that you’re exposed to the elements. Being out in the open air might be enjoyable on a beautiful fall morning, but when you get into the harsh, cold winter, the comfort of an enclosed blind will allow you to hunt longer hours safely and comfortably.

Being exposed to the elements also means that you have to be extra careful about your scent. When you’re hunting from a treestand, you have to be 100% scent-free so you don’t give away your location.


You have more freedom with scent when you’re hunting from a blind. You should still spray yourself down with a scent-deterrent before you walk to your blind, but as the deterrent wears off, your scent will be contained if you’re hunting from a blind. Our Stump blinds, like the Stump 3 ‘Vision Series,’ have a tightly sealed door and windows to trap in the scent. The windows open easily, so you can leave them closed until the last second. This will help keep your scent from reaching the wildlife and alerting them of your presence.

Hunting from a blind has the massive benefit of comfort. If you hunt from an elevated blind, you can hunt from a comfortable chair like our Captain’s Chair. Being protected from the bitter cold will allow you to hunt in any conditions without having to worry about frostbite or other safety concerns. Staying comfortable will help you make the most out of your hunt.

Our Stump blinds are already equipped to deaden sound and contain scent, but if you’d like an extra layer of insulation, add our Wall Insulation. The adhesive attachment on the back allows you to install the insulation easily with no additional tools. The Wall Insulation is available for all Stump blind models and comes pre-installed on our Pro Hunter models.


Both treestands and blinds offer 360-degree shot options. Whether you’re in the open air, hunting from a treestand, or using one of our Stump blinds with multiple windows, you’ll have plenty of options. The Sump 4 ‘Limited Edition 360°’ has eight floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the blind. These window options will give you the flexibility of a treestand with the protection and comfort of a blind.

You will also have the same vantage point from a treestand as an elevated blind. Both options will allow you to look out across your hunting area and see any wildlife as they’re approaching you. This will give you enough time to set up your shot for a successful harvest.

Whether you hunt from a treestand or an elevated blind, we’re thrilled that you’re looking forward to this hunting season.

Which do you prefer to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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