Banks Outdoors blinds are effective for both deer hunting and turkey hunting. When stationed on the ground, they help get the turkeys as close to you as possible. The windows on our “Vision Series” blinds are tall and silent, allowing you to get a good angle on the birds without being heard. They are transitional from season to season and can help you bag a gobbler as well as a buck.

Lay the Ground Work

Banks Outdoors blinds are just as effective when they’re placed flat on the ground as when they’re elevated. Remaining on the ground will help encourage the turkeys to venture closer. Turkeys naturally have a smaller vital target than deer, so the closer you can get to them, the better your chance for a clean shot.

Window to the Bird

The full-length windows on the “Vision Series” blinds give hunters the room to adjust their angle naturally in a fluid motion. You’ll be able to comfortably aim at a turkey that’s level with the window on the ground. The windows open and close silently, so you can adjust them as often as you need to without scaring away wildlife. You can open them to use your trusty turkey calls and close them behind you without any out of the ordinary sound to tip off the turkeys. Unlike deer, turkeys have a very poor sense of smell, so you don’t need to worry about sealing the scent away as much as you do when you’re hunting deer. Turkeys do, however, have a keen sense of hearing like deer, so the silent windows are an asset in both seasons.

Keep it Stealthy

Turkeys also have incredibly heightened vision, and our Stealth Screen can help keep you hidden. Because turkeys’ eyes are located on the sides of their head, they have great peripheral vision. Their resting vision is about 270 degrees, so if they turn their head at just the right angle, they can see a full 360 degrees. They also see in full color, so camouflage is very important. Our Stealth Screen has an inconspicuous pattern that will blend in perfectly to the woods. It goes beyond a traditional camouflage pattern and truly looks like a photo taken among the trees. It will help keep you concealed from the razor-sharp vision of the turkeys until the last minute. The screens offer one-way vision, meaning that you are concealed from the wildlife, but you can still see out. They are an adhesive that you can take on and off the windows as needed. These screens are solid, so you will still have to open the window to shoot. They’re available by the pack; simply order according to the type of Banks Outdoors blind you have and you’ll receive enough to cover every window.

Banks Outdoors blinds and products can help you through every hunting season, including turkey season. The blinds offer silent windows that can open and close without alerting the birds. The spacious windows allow you to adjust your shot angle smoothly. Our Stealth Screen will keep turkeys from seeing in, but you can still see out. All of these advantages will help you bag your best gobbler yet.

Do you use Banks Outdoors blinds to turkey hunt? What are your turkey hunting tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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