Turkey Hunting Blind Tips: Setting Up for Success

Setup your turkey hunting blind so you are invisible to the watchful eye of spring gobblers.

Turkey Hunting Blind Tips: Setting Up for Success

In a previous blog, “Turkey Hunting Blind Tips,” we focused on how to know where to set up a blind after preseason scouting. The main idea being, find where turkeys hang out and go hunt there. Once you’ve chosen the general area, it’s time to pick the optimal spot for a blind. With perhaps the most incredible eyesight of any game bird, turkeys require that hunters take extra steps to create total concealment.

Keep the Sun to Your Back

Like deer, turkeys will get used to hunting blinds over time, even when placed in the middle of a field. However, they see any movement inside or around that blind and off they go. That’s one downside of a fabric hunting blind on windy days and a big reason we prefer the sturdy plastic of any Banks Stump blind.

Regardless, you always want the sun to be at your back when setting up your turkey hunting blind. If that means distinguishing morning and afternoon spots and setting up multiple blinds, then so be it. Sunlight will highlight movement that a gobbler can see from several hundred yards away. Also remember to keep only one window, that which you plan to shoot from, open at a time.

Maintain Visibility

Often times we get so worried about our blind being seen that we bury it deep in the woods. It’s really just the nature of a turkey hunter to err on the side of over-concealment. But when you do this, it’s nearly impossible to see any aspect of the hunt. Which is such a shame, since watching the hunt unfold is basically why we’re up before sunrise and remain out in the woods all day.

Allow yourself at least a 180-degree view no matter where you’re setup. Given the shifty nature of turkeys, shooting lanes won’t work as well as they do for the deer hunters.

Don’t Be Afraid to Adjust

Let’s say you didn’t have the opportunity to scout but you’re hunting anyways. This is okay. You’re not the first person who’s chosen to attend their son’s basketball game over scouting out the perfect spot for a turkey blind. The good news is, if you have a Banks turkey hunting blind on hand, you’ll still be completely prepared for the hunt, because it’s both portable and permanent at the same time. Just hook it up to an ATV and tow it to the next spot. Once there you can fine tune the setup to a turkey killing honey hole. Or, at the very least, a totally concealed blind that’ll keep you hidden no matter what.

One of the best things about properly setting up a turkey hunting blind is the opportunity to take a kid along. Next time you’re heading out, try taking along your son or daughter. You never know what kind of impression one blind setup trip into the woods will make. If he or she enjoys the beginners experience, it could lead to a wonderful future of hunting as a family.

Photo Credit Marcy Kellar

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