Turkey Hunting from a Blind

A turkey hunting blind keeps you concealed in varying terrain, upping your chances of harvesting a gobbler.

A turkey’s eyesight is incredible. It’s why more hunters are seeing the value in using a turkey hunting blind. Not only does it keep you out of sight, but it’s a versatile tool in varying terrain from dense woods to open fields.

Hunting turkeys from a blind is all about choosing the right spot, making preseason scouting integral to success. The advantages to using a blind like the Banks Stump include increased concealment, a noise-dampening interior, weatherproof exterior and ample room for filming or hunting with youngsters. It’s a must for a bowhunter as they require more movement to take a shot. Even turkey fanatics that tote a shotgun are having more success with a blind.

Stay Hidden

The biggest draw to a turkey hunting blind is the ability to stay concealed. Run-and-gun turkey hunters are forced to use whatever cover is available. However, if you spend too much time in the open, your chances of getting spotted by a gobbler increase.

A blind gives you a reliable ambush spot regardless of surrounding cover. If it’s in the middle of a treeless field it won’t deter turkeys from frequenting the area. Another plus is that you don’t need to brush the blind as you would for whitetails. Simply set it in place and you’re ready to hunt.

Many people hunt turkeys in food plots. Instead of being forced to the field’s edge, a blind allows you to set up right in the middle of the clearing. This will give you a 360-degree view and offer more shot opportunities. If you’re a bowhunter using a Banks Stump Vision Series, consider opening all the windows before the hunt starts and secure shoot-through black mesh to the window frames using duct tape. This will keep you completely concealed when you draw back.

Introduce Youth

If you’re looking to bring your kids along, using a blind is almost a necessity to hide a fidgeting youngster. In a blind, the two of you can talk quietly so that you may teach all the fundamentals of turkey hunting. If they’re bored, a smartphone or book can keep them occupied. Also, shot opportunities are less likely to be squandered due to movement.

A turkey hunting blind is ideal for hunting with youngsters, as they have the freedom to talk lowly and are less likely to miss a shot due to movement.

A turkey hunting blind is ideal for hunting with youngsters, as they have the freedom to talk lowly and are less likely to miss a shot due to movement.

Spring means mosquitos, chiggers and ticks. For you, that’s an inconvenience you’ve come to see as the price for hunting turkeys, but your kids may not be as understanding. A blind keeps the bugs out, as well as any inclement weather. That makes for a more pleasurable hunting experience. Especially for younger or first-time hunters, you want to make sure they aren’t miserable. A bad experience could turn them off to hunting in general.

Ample Space

Mobile turkey hunting requires minimal equipment. Sometimes, that means sacrificing some of the luxuries you’d otherwise carry. When using a blind, you have the space to hunt with those extras, like additional calls and clothing layers, to make life a little easier. For those all-day hunts, pack a lunch. All of the space inside of a blind is also perfect for videoing your own hunts. Whether you film yourself or have the help of a partner, a blind offers plenty of room to get the right shot.

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