The rut season is peak hunting time, but weather can play a part in how you choose to hunt the rut. Deer love colder weather and tend to take it easy in the heat. Knowing these patterns and adjusting your tactics for the weather you’re experiencing will help you be able to hunt the rut successfully.

Time it Right

When the temperatures are abnormally high, deer activity will be at its highest early in the morning to combat the warmer weather. The longer the day goes on, the more time the sun has to heat up the day, so the deer will be active before that happens. Catch the deer when the temperature is still reasonably chilly.

Hunt Close to Bedding Areas

Deer will also choose to stay closer to their bedding areas when the weather is warm. Their bedding areas provide them with a cool, shady spot, so they might stay there longer than normal. Don’t hunt directly on top of the bedding areas, but position yourself close by so that you can capitalize on any movement as soon as it happens. Our Stump blinds blend into the landscape, so you’ll be able to set up close to a bedding area without fear of sticking out to the deer.

Stay Near Water

When the weather is warm, deer will need to drink more water than usual, so try to stay near water sources. They are already using up more energy than normal when they chase does during rut season, so if the weather is warm, their water intake will increase as well to replenish their body. A prime spot to set up your Stump blind would be between a bedding area and water source. Our Wild Water® Trough would be a great deer attractant during a warm rut season. The water in the trough replenishes itself when the valves sense that it is empty, so the deer should constantly have a fresh water source. The Wild Water® 100 7’ Trough holds 100 gallons of water and has two different troughs, so multiple deer can drink from the source at the same time.

Stay Comfortable in a Stump Blind

Deer activity ramps up in colder weather, so when the temperatures begin to drop this winter, you’ll want to make sure you get out to hunt and reap the benefits of the rut season and colder weather at the same time. Our Stump blinds will keep you warm during those cold winter days, so you can focus on the hunt and not how cold you are. Our blinds are heavily insulated and will regulate the temperature inside the blind so you’ll be warm despite the freezing temperatures outside. You’ll be able to stay in the blind all day if you choose. The windows of the blind open silently, so you can keep them closed and keep the heat in as long as possible and wait to open them until the deer approaches.

Deer are more active in colder weather and tend to retreat to shady spots in the heat. Use this knowledge to hunt water sources and shaded bedding areas. If the weather is cold, our Stump blinds will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements. Whatever the weather, you can have a successful rut hunting season and Banks Outdoors can help you do it.

How has the weather affected your ability to hunt during the rut? Let us know in the comments below!

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