When you’re investing in a new hunting blind, you want to make sure it’s going to have all the features and bells and whistles that will make your experience enjoyable and successful. Our Stump blinds were designed with a blend of functionality and comfort in mind. Check out some of the impressive features of our Stump blinds below.


Each of our Stump blinds are incredibly spacious. From our smaller 30 square feet, two-person Stump 1, 2 and 3 blinds, to the roomy 44 square feet, three-person Stump Sequoia, you can’t go wrong. Even our smallest blinds can accommodate more than one hunter. Hunting is a quiet, focused activity, but there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy a hunting partner’s company. Whether you’re taking your friends out to share an exciting hunt, or you’re bonding with your children or spouse, having room for other hunters allows you to share one of your favorite experiences with others.


As we just mentioned, hunting is a quiet activity. You want to be able to separate the noise from inside the blind from anything going on outside. If you want to feely hold a conversation with the people in your blind, you need the blind to deaden the sound escaping the blind. Our Stump blinds will do that for you. The insulation in our Stump blinds, coupled with the tightly sealed doors and windows, means that any sound in the blind won’t disrupt or alert the deer in the woods. The windows open silently, so you can keep them closed and keep your conversation going right up until a deer appears in your range. This is very important if you’re teaching somebody how to hunt for the first time. You’ll be able to talk them through the process before you open the window.

This feature is just as convenient when you’re hunting by yourself. You can enjoy music and eat lunch without worrying the sound of the music or the smell of your lunch will escape the blind.

Multiple Windows

Arguably, one of the coolest features of our Stump blinds are the multiple windows. The windows are placed all around the circular blind, so you have a true 360-degree view. Our Stump 360 series has eight windows packed around the blind for our truest 360-degree experience yet. You’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in nature and you’ll be able to see deer approaching from your many vantage points.

Tinted Windows

Each Stump blind now comes equipped with our Banks Outdoors-trademarked Phantom tinted windows. This tint is designed to adapt to the ambient light. It will automatically tint differently during soft dawn and dusk lighting than it does during midday blazing sun or a cloudy day.

Option of Ground or Elevated

You can choose to use our Stump blinds either as a ground blind, or from an elevated position. This makes it incredibly easy to transition from turkey hunting, which is done from the ground, to deer hunting, which is effective from an elevated position. Our Stump blinds easily attach to our Steel Tower System or your own homemade wooden tower. Our blinds work with your hunting style, no matter what it may be.

You’ll be getting the features above when you choose any of our Stump blinds. Whichever blind you choose, you can count on quality, weather-resistant materials, and a host of effective features.

What features do you look for when you’re choosing a blind? Let us know in the comments below.



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