What’s the first thing you think of when someone asks you why you love your hunting blind? Is it the size? Is it the windows? Is it the design? We know hunting blinds are a very personal choice and you always need to pick them based on your specific hunting needs, but there are a few things that most hunters would agree make a quality blind.


Comfort is key, so make sure the blind has enough room for you to move around. A blind that feels roomy to one person, may not be so spacious to someone who’s 6 ft. 5 in. Select a blind that is the right size for you. Our Stump blinds give hunters plenty of room to move around to get the perfect shot. The spaciousness and round design allow you to quickly move from one window to another to make the shot without the fear of bumping into anything. You can adjust your shot with plenty of room to spread out and rotate. Comfort also means being able to stay in your blind all day without getting restless. The Stump blinds do not have bench seats, so that means there’s more room in the blind for you to customize it to your liking. You have the freedom to pick out the type of seat you want. Our Stump chair is a reliable choice, with a body-forming back that will make sure you’re still comfortable long after the deer have stopped stirring.


If you like close range shots, you might want a blind that sits up on a platform or stand so that the wildlife have the space to wander directly under your window. Most of our Stump blinds are raised on a platform a few steps off the ground. This gives you a better angle on game sneaking up underneath your window. Rather than being level with it, you can be on top of it to ensure that you’re getting the best shot. Being raised up off the ground, even just a little bit, makes your blind adaptable to virtually any terrain. You can place your blind wherever you find the most activity without having to worry that the ground is uneven or rocky.


Most hunters can agree that a good blind needs to be able to withstand the elements. Our Stump blinds are durable, weather resistant, and UV stabilized. The sun’s harmful rays can’t decay these blinds. The protective material will keep your blind as solid as the day you bought it, no matter how many seasons of big bucks and perfect shots it sees. Deer continue their daily lives through all sorts of weather conditions, so you need to be ready no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. A good blind is insulated and protected so that you can confidently venture out to your blind knowing that you’ll be safe: even if it’s raining, snowing, or the sun is threatening to roast you like a lobster.

A good blind does what it’s supposed to do. A great blind does what the hunter needs it to do. Our Stump blinds are in the category of great blinds and will serve any hunter well this season. What are the characteristics you look for in a blind? Do our Stump blinds meet those criteria? Let us know!


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