Winter is the season for ice fishing, so before you transition your Stump blind from a ground blind to an ice house, make sure you have everything you need. We’ve got some advice on what to pack in your ice house to make sure your time on the pond or lake is enjoyable and productive.

Bring an Auger

Make sure you bring an auger with you in the blind. Our Stump Ice Houses come with either two or four holes in the bottom of the blind for ice fishing. Bring your auger to drill holes in the ice through the designated areas in the ice house’s floor. With multiple ice fishing holes, you’ll be able to fish with friends or family members and share the experience. The Stump Sequoia Ice has over 44 square feet of space and four ice fishing holes, so there will be plenty of room for everyone to fit comfortably and fish out of their own fishing hole. Each fishing hole comes with a cover, so you can move the blind from the ice to the woods and back again, depending on the season. A Stump Ice House is truly an all-season blind.

Bring a Heater

To make sure you stay comfortable in the ice house, bring a heater. Make sure it’s a heater designed for indoor use to ensure proper ventilation. Use our Vent Kit to open up the blind and help circulate the air. The vents will help circulate the colder air from outside into the blind and any stale, stuffy air inside the blind can be filtered out. The Stump Ice Houses have rigid walls, so you can mount lights, shelves, and your heater to the blind.

Bring Gloves

Pack a pair of warm gloves to keep your hands warm while you fish. Our Stump Ice Houses don’t have any poles, stakes or zippers to deal with, so you’ll be able to keep your gloves on while you set up the blind. Simply turn the door handle and you’re in. This will help keep you extra comfortable in combination with the heavy insulation in the walls of the Stump blind. Due to the fact that the ice house is also a ground blind, the floor of the blind is solid and keeps your feet completely off the ice. Make sure you wear boots to keep your feet warm, but you don’t have to worry about your feet being directly on the ice while you fish.

Bring Snacks

Bring some snacks or a meal with you so that you can stay out in the ice house all day if you choose. Use our Bucket Backpack for easy portability and extra seating. The 5-gallon bucket itself can be used to contain your fish and the pockets on the sides can house your snacks. The top of the backpack functions as a cushioned seat, so you can easily pull up the bucket in the blind and fish alongside your friends.

Enjoy these post-deer, cold winter months by ice fishing on your favorite pond or lake. It’s a great way to stay outdoors and continue putting game meat in your freezer. Our Stump ice houses can easily transition to the water via the ski base, so moving from one season to the next will be a breeze. As always, check your state’s regulations on fish limits before you head out on the ice.
What do you keep in your ice house? Let us know your must-haves in the comments below!



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