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If the end of hunting season has left you aimless (pun intended) and looking for other ways to stay busy, we’ve got you covered. We know the desire to keep hunting is strong during the off season, so here are other ways you can satisfy the craving all year long.

Keep Practicing

Practicing archery at your local archery range or in your backyard is a great way to keep in shape for hunting season. You need to keep your muscles warmed up and your form fresh all summer so that you don’t loose everything you gained in the previous year by the time the new hunting season opens in the fall. If it’s the thrill of victory you’re after, check out archery tournaments around the country and compete in a few to keep your competitive spirit alive.

Keep Your Equipment in Top Shape

Make sure your bow is tuned regularly. If you put your bow down for months, you might be surprised to find that your draw weight has changed or your bowstring is in worse shape than you thought since the last time you shot the bow. You don’t want to go out into the field on opening day and find that your bow needs a major adjustment.

Wily Coyotes

If you use hunting as a means to feed your family and need to keep up the meat intake throughout the summer months, consider hunting coyotes. When you’re not hunting deer, coyotes can be a viable alternative. While coyote meat doesn’t taste like deer meat, it is still edible. If cooked properly, coyote meat can be a smart way to keep up your hunting schedule year-round. Not only will it regulate your meat intake, you’ll help control possible threats to other wildlife.

Clear a Path

Take some time this summer to clear shooting lanes for future hunting endeavors. Design your own paths by cutting down branches you don’t want in the way. Curate bedding areas and places that deer will feel comfortable seeking shelter. By creating the areas yourself, you can control where the deer will spend time and can plan your hunting locations accordingly.

Not too Late to Plant

You still have time to create a food plot or mineral site on your property if you don’t have one already. Creating dependence to your property in the off-season will give the deer time to establish a routine without the pressure of dodging hunters. Make sure you’re monitoring the herd all summer. If you go into hunting season already knowing what you’re looking for, that puts you one step ahead. Make sure you’re keeping your mineral sites stocked with nutrients all summer. This is when fawns are growing the most and when bucks need all the help they can get growing their antlers. Make sure your property is where they’re going to get that help.

When you find your passion, it’s natural to want to indulge in it as much as possible. With deer hunting season occupying only a few months of the year, it’s necessary to find other means of practicing your passion during the remaining months. We hope these tips will help keep the hunter inside you occupied until deer hunting season comes around again.

How do you stay busy during the summer months? What activities do you do to keep yourself ready for the field all year? Let us know in the comments!

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