The date on the calendar might say hunting season is over, but we know you still want to take part in hunting-related activities. Continue practicing archery or scout out new hunting locations for next year. Fill the off-season with practice and research to cultivate a successful year ahead.

Continue to Practice Archery

Continue practicing your archery skills throughout the off-season by going to your local range or shooting with your own backyard archery range. Practicing on a regular basis, even when you’re not in your Stump blind, will help you keep your skills sharp all year. If you go without practicing for too long, your muscles become less accustomed to the exercise and cramp or become sore when you finally do pick up your bow again. You should stay in bowhunting shape year-round to avoid the sharp contrast of relaxing during the off-season and exerting your muscles all fall and winter. Exercising in the gym or practicing with your bow will keep your muscles loose and you won’t have to give yourself a boot-camp right before the season opens. There are many different exercises that will target the specific muscles used in bowhunting. Focus on strengthening your deltoid muscles by using resistance training. You can achieve this by lifting weights or using resistance bands.

Scout out New Locations

Take advantage of the downtime during the off-season and scout out new hunting locations. If you start scouting now, this year’s hunting season will still be fresh in your mind while you’re looking at land. If you kept a hunting log this season, refer to it now and analyze what areas served you best and what areas you’re not planning to return to next year. Knowing the types of areas that brought you success will help guide you in the right direction for next year. Look at land that has the same type of food sources or areas of cover. Deer know what works for them, so they should tend to gravitate toward the same sources as previous years.

Shop for a New Blind

Winter is also a good time to buy a new hunting blind. Buying a new blind now means you’ll be ready to test it out in the spring for turkey season. Hunting during turkey season is a great way to keep your skills sharp and become familiar with your new blind before deer season. Our Stump 4 ‘Vision Series’ is spacious, with over 30 sq. ft. of room. It’s large enough to accommodate multiple hunters, so you can start mentoring a new hunter now and prepare them to bag a buck this fall. Our blinds are incredibly durable, so if you set your blind up now, you can leave it out in the elements the rest of the winter months without worrying about damage.

It’s never too early to start preparing for next season. Keep yourself in bowhunting shape by continuing your archery practice, exercise routines, scouting new locations, and shopping for next year’s gear. Preparing for next hunting season now will put you ahead of the game and ahead of the trends. Maximize your time this winter and make next season a success.

What kind of hunting activities do you take part in during the winter? Let us know how you spend the off-season in the comments below!

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