Deer season opens in Minnesota on Sept. 16, so you still have time to set up your Stump blind before the other hunters start flocking to the woods. It’s usually preferable to set up your blind or treestand before the season begins so the deer herd has time to get used to the object. By acting now, you’ll still be within that sweet spot before opening day. We’ve got some tips on what you should know before setting up your blind last-minute.

Conceal Your Scent

When you’re setting up a blind or stand this close to opening day, you want to make sure you keep your scent concealed. If you don’t spray your clothes with a scent-eliminating spray, your scent could linger and alert the deer that you’re in the area and you don’t want your scent associated with the area your Stump blind is in. Your blind should be just another stump in the terrain to the deer herd. You shouldn’t give them the opportunity to identify it as a human object by your scent.

Avoid Peak Times

If you have a food source like our Feedbank Gravity Deer Feeder or a water source like our Wild Water System on your property, you’ll want to make sure you’re not passing by those sources to set up your blind during peak hours. Hopefully you have a trail camera facing your food and water sources, so you know what time the deer herd tend to frequent the area. Drive your Stump blind by the area when you know there’s not going to be any deer activity. Our Stump Scout blinds are easy to move and will hook up to your truck or ATV with the skis and steel hitch attached to the blind. Try to set up your Stump blind along the tree line so that it blends in. Placing it among the trees will make your Stump blind much more effective at blending into the landscape thanks to the circular tree stump design and the bark-like texture and color.

Lock Your Blind

If you’re setting up your blind on public hunting land, make sure you lock your blind. On public property, any other hunter could decide your blind is in a great location and help themselves to hunting from it. If you want to ensure you’re the only one hunting from your blind, install our Locking Door Handle so that you can always lock it behind you when you leave. Check local regulations to see if the public land you’re hunting lets you leave blinds and treestands on the property overnight.

At the time of this blog’s posting, there’s still two weeks until hunting season opens. If you act now, you’ll still give the deer herd time to adjust before you begin hunting. Make sure you’re staying concealed, even though the season isn’t open yet. Any mark of human scent on and around your Stump blind could alert the deer herd that your blind is a human object. If you lay low and choose the right time, you should be able to avoid the deer on your property and set up your Stump blind with stealth and ease.

Have you set up your blind yet? If not, how do you plan to stay concealed while you set up? Let us know in the comments below!



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