What’s New for 2019

Banks Outdoors prides itself in bringing you quality products every year. We are excited for our new products launching this year and we hope you are too. Whether you are a new Banks Outdoors client, or a returning Banks enthusiast, we appreciate our Banks family and strive to consistently raise the bar.


The Wild Water® Bladder is new for 2019 and easily folds up for storage and transportation. This product is not only wonderful for filling your water supplement system, it can be used for gardening as well.

You can transport 100 gallons of water to all of the water systems around your property. This new bag will allow you to fill multiple systems in the same trip without the time and hassle of going back and forth to the hose.

Once the bladder is empty, it lays flat and can be easily folded and stored thanks to the flexible material. The material also has the added bonus of being puncture resistant. This product can also be used for everyday purposes, not just for water systems.

Stump Light

The brand-new Stump Light will give you instant light anywhere in your blind. The light is on a swivel, so you can set it up anywhere in the blind and turn it to face where you need it the most. It’s equipped with mounting holes so that you can easily set it up and take it down as needed.

Bi-Pod Shooting Stick

Our Bi-Pod Shooting Stick is a multi-functional gun rest that will help you aim with ease thanks to the rotating head. This stick has a mount that makes it universal to other gear, such as cameras, lights, etc. Who doesn’t love multi-purpose gear? We’re all about convenience while keeping the integrity of the quality at the highest level.


Our 100-gallon Wild Water® 7 ft Trough is back! You again have two trough length options: a three-inch long trough and a seven-inch long trough. The float valve system is eco-friendly, shutting itself off as soon as the trough is full. You won’t be wasting any water with these troughs. The valve will stay shut until a refill is needed. The extra length on the seven-inch model will allow more deer to comfortably drink from your watering system. The more deer you have frequenting your property, the more you can ensure their health and monitor their behavior.

The Stump 2

For 2019, the Stump 2 has been given an ultra-tough, ultra-clear frame and window seal system – keep your scent in, the weather out & your view clear. The Stump 2 is the perfect 2-man hunting blind with a walk-in door that swings out to leave the optimal amount of space within the blind and easy entry for hunters of any age. With the addition of the quality framed window system, the Stump 2 is also now available in the Pro Hunter model blind – both standard and Vision Series.

Stump Blinds

Our line of Stump Blinds is constantly evolving and expanding with new and updated technology. Last year, we rolled out the fourth installment of the Stump Blind including the Scout, Vision Series, and Pro Hunter versions. The Stump 4 is designed with over 30 square feet of space and the ultra-functional 360-degree windows. The fourth version is larger in overall diameter than the Stump 3 and can fit four people comfortably: up from two in the previous version. How are you enjoying the fourth version of our Stump blinds? What are the key features that make them even better than previous models?

We hope this preview has sparked your interest in our new products. What new products do you have your eye on this year? We value our clients’ feedback, so please let us know if any of our products have you excited for the next hunting season.

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