When you’re hunting from your Banks Outdoors Stump blind, you can choose to have your windows covered or uncovered until you’re ready to take your shot. There are benefits to both styles of hunting and we’ll let you know how our Stump blinds and accessories can accommodate both.

Hunting with Windows Uncovered

When you hunt with the windows of your blind uncovered, you’ll benefit from clear, unobstructed views. Our Stump 4 ‘Limited Edition 360°’ Whitetail Properties blind has eight windows that line the entire circumference of the blind and offer 360-degree panoramic views. If you leave all eight windows uncovered, you can swing around in your Captain’s Chair and have a clear shot from every angle. It doesn’t matter what side of the blind the deer approaches from, you’ll be able to follow it around the entire blind, with a clear shot the whole way.

Hunting with Windows Covered

Hunting with the windows covered has its own set of privileges. If you’d like to keep your windows covered, you can stay concealed with our Camo Curtain Kit. The kit comes with enough curtains for all the windows in your blind. You can order a Camo Curtain Kit for each one of our Stump blinds, from our originals to the newest blind in the ‘Vision Series’ lineup. The curtains display a camo pattern on the outside and a solid black cover on the inside. The round design of our Stump blind is already made to help you blend into the woods, but the curtains and camo pattern will help you blend in even more.

You can also choose to keep your windows completely closed, whether you have a screen or not. The tight seal blocks out scent and sound. Having your windows closed keeps your scent inside the blind, so the deer won’t be alerted to your presence. The windows of our Stump blinds, like the Stump 3 ‘Scout,’ open silently, so you can wait as long as you’d like before opening the window to take aim. You can wait until a deer has started approaching before opening the window if you’d like. You won’t make a lot of noise and the deer shouldn’t hear anything. The Stump 3 ‘Scout’ also has 360-windows so you should be able to see the deer coming with plenty of time to adjust.

Best of Both

If you want to be able to take advantage of the panoramic views your Stump blind offers, but you also want an extra level of concealment, attach our Stealth Screen to your windows. The Stealth Screen is the best of both worlds. You’ll stay concealed because the exterior of the screen displays a photorealistic image that looks more like a picture than a camo pattern and makes it look like you are truly part of nature. The screen is one-way viewing, meaning the deer can’t see through the pattern, but you can still see out. From the interior of the blind looking through the screen, it’s as if the window is open and there’s nothing there at all. Remember that the screen is still a solid object and you’ll need to open it to take your shot even if the window is open. The screen will help give you the peace of mind that you’re concealed, while also letting you use the panoramic windows as they were intended: to heighten your hunting experience.

The windows in our Stump blinds offer 360-degree panoramic views and can help make your hunting experience a true success whether you choose to leave them uncovered or use one of our window coverings.

Do you hunt with the windows open for the 360-degree views or do you like to have some shade between you and the animal? Let us know in the comments below!

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